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Supporting women plus new & seasoned mums with life’s challenges

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Meet Lisa

Let’s address the elephant in the room….being a busy woman can be demanding.

Managing your relationships, thriving in your career, knowing your purpose in life or just pivoting can be easier with support and skills.

If you’re a mother, the adjustment to parenting alone is one of life’s biggest transitions. Learning to raise your family with confidence through its journey of highs and lows, love and uncertainty is empowering.

Imagine not feeling overwhelmed or stressed?

Sharing your story with a caring professional can be incredibly healing. Taking control of your thoughts and behaviours – so you can truly be who you want to    be – is liberating.

Hello, I’m Lisa. 

I support wonderful women to shift their worries and overcome life’s challenges.

As a practicing counsellor and coach, I am here to listen to you, and to help you take simple, practical steps to improve your situation, ease the struggles and take charge of your mind.

When do you ever have the focus entirely on you?

You matter.  Let’s talk.

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My role is to support you via professional counselling to un-complicate your life &  help you thrive again.

Group work allows you to learn new skills & promotes change whilst being supported by others who ‘get’ it.

Ideal if you are wanting to change careers, improve performance, gain confidence or tackle a new goal.

Find tips & articles to gain knowledge, ideas & support you right now. Plus access to my e-book to find out what’s important in life.

Start today. You matter. Let's talk.

Seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness

Women and mothers need self-compassion, just as we would give it to others.  Reach out today and let’s start you on a journey of happiness and support. 

Stop the struggle. Let's talk.

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