When was the last time you held space for yourself?

Supporting women plus new & seasoned mums with life’s challenges

Managing life is easier with support and skills.

Meet Lisa

Are you emotionally exhausted? Does striving to keep up with expectations leave you feeling overwhelmed, stuck and anxious?

As women, we try to do it all at every stage of life.

We suffer in silence, carrying a mental load that is often heavy to shoulder.  Managing life and all that it brings can be easier with the right support and skills.

I believe it’s okay to ask for help.

In fact, I think it’s a privilege to hear your story – it takes courage to share. 

As a qualified counsellor and coach, I offer a private and confidential space to be open and vulnerable about life’s challenges – without judgement.

A space to give perspective and point a way forward that comes with a level of healing and empowerment.

My goal is to support women through their life transitions and empower them with simple mental health and wellness strategies that they can use in the here and now.

Be more than your thoughts. Be the awareness behind them.

Who do I support?  Learn more…

My role is to support you via professional counselling to un-complicate your life &Β  help you thrive again. If you aren’t currently loving life – then you need to find out why. We work together to set you on the path of empowering your inner feel good. Support that will see you release yourself.


Imagine finding motivation, sticking to a goal or finally working towards your passion and purpose? If you need practical and straightforward strategies that then coaching can help you grow & gain results. Whether it be a work or health goal or starting a new side hustle try coaching.

As a facilitator of evidence-based parenting, joining other families at my Circle of Security or Triple P Positive Parenting Program and Bringing Baby Home course, you can learn to create good families & support each other. I’m also the organiser of Up & About Mothers’ Group at Kingston

Office days: Tuesdays | Fridays | Saturday am

Office 5, 27 Manuka Circle, Manuka (Forrest) - Free parking

Seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness

Women and mothers need self-compassion, just as we would give it to others. Β Imagine the life you’d like to live. Now, let’s live it.

Book at Manuka - Office 5, 27 Manuka Circle, Forrest (free parking)

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