3 lifestyle problems that mums share

When becoming a mum you get to bring a whole new person into the world but one of the many ‘free gifts’ you receive is getting a new lifestyle.

Okay so you can look at this the hard way and just freeze. . . OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING? Which many experience (*hands up*) however, once a big breath has been taken, being thrown a new mum lifestyle can open up some opportunities.

First we’ll have a look at the problems we all might hit with our changed lifestyle.

Time – boy oh boy now do we realise how we loved our time!

Identity – WHO are we now?

Stuff – Our Pinterest style spare room is now filled with tones of baby items.

Our inner voice might be screaming. .

“Why does it just take so long to get sorted to go out with baby / children for just a few hours, with all this baby gear?” “What happened to the me that was so calm and floated out with keys, mobile & a coin purse?”

Then the pity party starts, which is made up of negative beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviours. . .

“I’m so crap at this baby gig” . Cue exhausted, sad, fed up feelings. “I’m worthless, a failure at being a mum”. Action > not bothering to go out.

So where do you start so you’re able to grab hold of this new lifestyle?

The best way to see it all a bit clearly is to run through these five steps.

Let’s address your negative thoughts regarding time in your new lifestyle.

  1. What do I need to do differently? – Manage my [insert here your goal]. . . (our example is time)
  2. What’s the thing that you do or don’t do that gets in the way of your time? (Tip *concentrate on the ones you do to help you move forward)
  3. What do you worry about in relation to time?
  4. What’s the hidden commitments you have in relation to time?
  5. What are your assumptions relating to your time now that you have a family?
Once you have clarity regarding these hurdles, you can start reviewing how you have overcome challenges similar to these in the past. This can help you in working through adjusting to your new lifestyle.

“My life + my style is my LIFESTYLE”

– Mum creating HER lifestyle
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