Be good at parenting by using this

Do you tick one of these boxes?

  • Very tired
  • Craving time for yourself
  • Cruising along but just not that interested
  • Feeling like it’s Ground Hog Day
  • Just plain bored sometimes

Even with all these emotions, deep inside all of us still lurks our superpowers …. you’re strengths.

These superpowers were used in our previous pre-children life to inspire us, push us, excite us and just plain fill up our happiness bucket.  They are still there and now is the time to BRING THEM BACK OUT!

We are at our best when our highest strengths are matched with our biggest challenges that come our way.  When we’re using our strengths it creates flow.  That beautiful part of life where time stands still and you are engrossed in what you do best…and enjoy.

According to leading positive psychologist and researcher Martin Seligman, the aim for authentic happiness is to pick one task you dislike but use or approach it with your highest strength.  Using your top five strengths over a 6-month period reduces anxiety and depression.

In your new parenting haze you are probably wondering “but how” and “what were they again”? 

Take the quick, free test.  VIA STRENGTHS TEST

Not only will it get your brain moving again, you’ll gain some great insight.

Use the qualities that come natural to you.  You will be in flow and improve your overall wellness.

What’s not to love?

Life is about using your whole box of crayons.
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