Guilt free parenting in 9 minutes

Just three simple steps, three times a day will add to positive connections with your child.

Feeling lost during motherhood?

It is normal to sometimes feel like you are an extension of your child. There are four ways you can find your way.

Fight against anxious thoughts

Let's stop focusing and fighting those negative thoughts that get us in a loop of anxiety.

Kick anxiety using your mobile

To get you through feelings of anxiety you’re experiencing NOW try these apps tailored for mums.

Dealing with tough parenting

Learn to take control of your emotions and give yourself some self-care during the struggle times.

Recovering from not being OK

There is light. Give yourself a break and get back on track using this free worksheet.

Meditation the easy way

Who else is crap at meditation? Closing eyes equals sleep to me! I've found a cheats way of meditating.

Why do we edit our lives?

Yes, no, yes, nothing to see here? Why is it we can't be honest with how we really are?

Find parenting wisdom

Despite society's expectations that we should be a walking encyclopaedia about our babies, it is a bit unrealistic.

Getting your partners help

Learn how to communicate your needs simply and support both of you.

Keeping your relationship

Children are on loan to enjoy, shape & let off into the world as independent people; your significant other is forever.

Being authentically you

The art of being yourself. How do you be you and me be me? Check out the free worksheet to discover what's important.

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