Canberra Mums Staying Sane List

as of 21.03.20

With many mum and bub activities cancelled, I know some are on the fence with what they should be doing.  Balancing the feeling and urge to be out and about with the safety of staying at home.

If you don’t have the symptoms, are healthy and practice self-distancing and good hygiene then refreshing social media, eating unhealthy snacks and/or listening to crying or yelling (the children not us) isn’t the best option.

Discussing what you CAN do during last month’s mother’s support group, I found the activities and options such a maze.  Below is a link to my ideas and some I’ve found of Canberrans who are mixing it up so mums can still stay sane!

Before you hit the list remember to:

  • Stay in routine
  • Write out a list – or write a journal (whatever keeps you on track)
  • Focus on what’s in your control and what you can influence
  • Reframe this time as an opportunity (to connect, do things you’ve put off etc)
  • Be where your feet are
  • Disinfect and distance
  • Be kind – you are modelling behaviour for your children


The List – Staying Sane

Mother and Child
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