If you are feeling that you are no longer growing in your career or life, feeling stuck or unmotivated, not sure of your purpose then coaching will provide the pathway. 

Note: All sessions are detailed on invoice as: “Professional development & executive coaching” so you are able to claim as personal development

Could you benefit from discussing your career issues privately and confidential with a career counsellor?  As well as guiding, motivating and allowing you to be accountable, we are able to work through any deep struggles that are holding you back.

Would it be helpful to learn new skills to deal with workplace conflict or job stress? Perhaps you’re transitioning to a higher role and needing to discover your leadership style or learn to motivate and lead your team. 

Do you want a realistic and achievable career plan?

Initial Coaching Session | 15min free

A large part of the coaching relationship is trust. To see if we are a good fit and to gauge how you wish to work together let’s talk over the phone.  There is no charge.

Subsequent Coaching Session | 60min $95

We investigate your true self, strengths, passions and more to guide you in creating positive & sustainable goals.  I will work with you to create a pathway to achieve what’s important to you. 

3 Session Pack Coaching Session | $265

Part of the coaching contract is being accountable to yourself. We map & check in on your plan each session.  I support you so when we are done you will have re-evaluated your career or life goals, have clear purpose & the kind of focus people are drawn to.

Let's talk. Everyone has it in them to be everything they wish to be.

Interested in my complimentary leadership reading list?

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