do you feel like something is holding you back?

Learn how to remove the barrier and put your best foot forward through career counselling or coaching.

Could a realistic and achievable career plan help?

  • Discussion and exercises to help you understand your career potential – this is exploring your strengths, personality, values and more
  • Exploring what your interests and passions are both at home and at work
  • Alining your potential with opportunities in the professional area you work or wish to
  • Consider and work through roadblocks or limitations – including simple skills to overcome them  
  • Walk away with clarity, a vision, goals and most importantly a plan

Do you need support and direction to start an idea?

  • Discussion and review of your idea and opportunities
  • Exploration of your strengths and personality and how to use these as leverage
  • Find and articulate your business values so you are able to make clear, focused decisions
  • Work together through a detailed but simple small business plan to thoroughly flesh out your idea/s
  • Investigate and discover skills to break free from roadblocks or limitations 
  • Walk away with a goals, clear tasks, vision and a plan to kickstart ideas to fruition

Sessions and Fees

Initial Coaching Session | 15min free

A large part of the coaching relationship is trust. To see if we are a good fit and to gauge how you wish to work together let’s talk over the phone.  There is no charge.

Coaching Session | 60min $110

We investigate your true self, strengths, passions and more to guide you in creating positive & sustainable goals.  I will work with you to create a pathway to achieve what’s important to you & provide a summary & plan.

3 Session Pack Coaching Session | $300

Part of the coaching contract is being accountable to yourself. We map & check in on your plan each session.  I support you so when we are done you will have re-evaluated your career or life goals, have clear purpose & the kind of focus people are drawn to.

Interested in my complimentary leadership reading list?

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