Create routines when you’re feeling unstuck

Help me actually helps you

Do you get that feeling when all your neat piles of paper in your head feel like it’s a windy day and they’re all are flying away?

You are struggling to figure out what paper to chase after first. The whole schedule you used to have feels like it’s flying out the window too.

When your mind is not what it used to be. You are feeling overwhelmed by those now messy piles of paper everywhere. Then you start to lose motivation, crave escape and time out.

Let someone else clean up that mess you think, but no one does.

You’d really like to just feel back in control right?

Routines are for anyone. They don’t discriminate – adults, kids, dogs you name it!

It doesn’t have to be all structure, structure, structure either. Start. Just S T A R T

Start simple, small steps.

Routines? Pff I hear you say, that’s so obvious. . Sure, people say “oh take a bath, have a facial” however who has the time? You need to CREATE time.

Time, even if it’s little snippets because all the little bits of time can add up. Little snippets can give you more time and some structure. Plus when we’re feeling under stress, out of control it’s the one thing that can really ground us again.

But how you say? How do you take control but make it easy?

  1. Look at the times you’re most stressful (for me it’s the mornings)
  2. Write down how you’d like it to work
  3. Look at your support network – this can be kids’ too
  4. Create a small, simple routine that is age appropriate (Use the FREE take away below)
  5. Sort them out – delegate!


What’s the little side benefits?

Routines give you control.

They get you motivated and they’re catchy.

Once you start with something small you end up building.

It teaches your children responsibility (at any age group)

It provides kids with life skills and teaches them to be self-reliant


Here’s one I prepared earlier – my example




My stressful times: Mornings, getting myself halfway decent and kids organised for school

My dream vision: 15 minutes to get myself ready but no interruptions

My support network: husband and kids

The routine: Husband: makes main lunch only (ie sandwich) for each of us

The routine: Children: Using the chart strategically placed on the fridge, each child has up to 5 tasks which are IN ORDER so not to disturb my Dream Vision of getting ready with no interruptions (ie order and time it out so I’m not getting asked to do hairstyles while I’m trying to do my own!)

Some sorting: All items at child height (in the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen)

Containers in food cupboard for each child to select their snacks for their lunchbox that they pack (you snooze you lose, don’t select what you want, go hungry – they’ll only do that once!)

Result: I can get ready for 15 whole minutes without mico-managing.

It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished one decent thing for the day (pjs are apparently not work attire).

I feel in control even if it’s just for 15minutes.

I can do minimal supervision (quick look over child to see a: dressed, b: have food).

All it takes is making a start.

Download this worksheet to create a simple, visual task sheet for your child:  Routine – Worksheet


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