Dealing with tough parenting times

Do you have moments of extreme emotions or overwhelming thoughts or paralysing feelings?  Perhaps all of that at once?   Sometimes the triggers can be tiredness, boredom or a crisis.  You may feel guilt, shame, sadness, fear or anger.

These feelings roll like a wave touching many areas of your life. Sometimes these emotions are so strong you can’t seem to get the words out to explain.

It feels like a storm – dark and moody. You get stuck.

However like the waves you just need to roll with the storm.  It’s not about fixing the issues.  It’s about anchoring.

An anchor on a boat secures the vessel to the ocean floor.
Sure it will rock and roll but it will ride out the storm.




Anchoring makes you stay grounded and this creates calm.  So how do we do this?  Especially at times when your brain is exhausted.

Dropping anchor starts with breathing.

  1. Feel and visualise the air going through one nostril for 5 slow breaths.  Swap nostrils and slow breathing for another 5
  2. Listen – sit quietly and listen for 3 sounds you can hear
  3. Name the sounds quietly in your mind – focus

You can do this simple exercise anywhere.  Pop your sunglasses on if you’re out and about and you can close your eyes.  So whether you’re at home, out in the park with children, on the bus or waiting for an appointment you can achieve this.


Anchor down.

It’ll help you refocus and regroup and roll with the current storm.



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