Guilt free parenting in 9 minutes

Do you feel hurried, guilty and not present for your small people?  The job of ‘adulting’ is busy enough but throw in parenting too and we can feel overwhelmed.

We are all guilty of not being there for them at sometime – fact

When my head is filled with a busy job, volunteering, study, running a business, maintaining an amazing marriage plus friendships, it can get challenging to make sure my tribe are being heard.

Whether we are working for an employer or working at maintaining our home and family, we can miss our children’s cues for attention.   Havard University’s Center on the Developing Child explain “responsive relationships are both expected and essential, their absence is a serious threat to a child’s development and well-being”.  

What can we do as a minimum to fill our child’s bucket each day?

Could you spare 9 minutes of your day?

Just 9 minutes

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