Kick anxiety using your mobile phone

How anxiety shows up

We all suffer from anxiety at times in our life. In fact, during high stress or anxiety our biological auto pilot hits the fight or flight mode. This is to help us deal with threats.

Then there are times where we’re just ‘salty’. You know that irritable, annoyed feeling with someone, everyone, something? Perhaps you feel it in your body. From panic attacks where you feel out of control to being restless or just plain tired.

Many women describe to me they feel it in their chest or down their arms. This can be coupled with worry. Worried about not getting dressed in time, worried about not having things completed, worried about not being a great mum or partner or worker, worried about something happening to your baby or maybe everyone of those!

We often worry about worrying

If you feel you’re worrying and getting anxious about things more often than not or if it’s affecting your daily routine of activities and going out then it’s best to get help.

There are many options available right now. . . .


Starting with your support group be it your partner, parents or your bestie. Then book yourself into your GP where they’ll ask you a few questions about how you’ve REALLY been feeling.

Strategies to support you now include

Options given may be relaxation strategies, counselling and medication to get you back to baseline. But what can we do in between?

Try these apps tailored for mums to help lesson anxiety

Knowledge is power so the quicker you find out your triggers and get back to basics with some help, the quicker you’ll start feeling back in control of the chatter. This will in turn make you feel more yourself.

Most importantly if you’re feeling really stuck reach out today and call:

PANDA. 1300 726 306

SANE. 1800 187 263 (they have an online chat too)

LIFELINE. 13 11 14


We focus on our physical health by reviewing what we are eating and how much we are exercising.  Our mental health needs the same care.  Seeking help is a sign of strength.  Seeking help to learn new strategies and skills to improve your life is a way forward.

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