$ave for baby’s arrival

Like most, you have probably been good at spending as a financial team of two. Spending on what you want, desire and need now. You might have a five-year plan or maybe a five-day plan on how to spend your well earned cash.

Looking at that beautiful, first trimester scan of your new person coming into your lives you are hit, not only with the amazement of a beating heart, but anxiety of “how will we afford all this?”

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I recall thinking perhaps we should buy ALL the things we ‘need’ before the baby comes.

Yes I think we definitely need that new upgraded TV, bigger outdoor setting and a new BBQ. Yes those we can’t live without! But we could.

How much will this baby of mine cost?

The quick Google search of “how-much-does-a-baby-cost” brings worry and serious math equations that don’t add up to the Kardashian style looking child rearing.

A news report says a minimum of $140-$170 a week is needed to raise a child. Take that you may or may not be receiving maternity pay, be down to one income for a short or long period; finances can feel pretty tight, pretty quick.

Don’t think that saving money is punishment. Think of it as a lifestyle change & a means to freedom.

Changing your mindset to the art of minimalism is one way to tackle the finance problem. It’s getting back to basics and living with what matters to you, what is important and has purpose. Making conscious decisions when purchasing items. Read the low down from The Minimalists here.

Back to financing baby . . . . here are some tips from many mums:

Saving for Baby Tips

With a bit of knowledge from adopting minimalist strategies & trying out a few of the above options money will soon be less of a stress. That way you can get on enjoying what you should be… your baby & your new family.

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