Fight against anxious thoughts

Did you know there are two types of worrying? Just to add worry to worry right?

Well there is worrying about external events. We’ve all experienced these. They sound like:

"I'm worried something will happen to the kids"
"I'm worried that I will be found out to be incompetent"
"I'm worried I'm not being a good mother"

Then there is the second type of worry. The one where you feel like you’re on the ferris wheel – round and around.

"I'm worried that I'm worrying too much"

Our terrific brains have created this worry gig for a reason. Sometimes we do need to worry. It helps us make decisions when there is danger.

However, excessive worry can take over your life. You’ll feel it – a few headaches here, stomach pains there, not breathing correctly, so so tired and boy does your neck and back ache.

So how do we stop focusing, fighting and figuring out all those thoughts?

Anxiety sounds really exhausting! The key word here is THOUGHTS. Recognising that these are actually thoughts coming and going. Good news is there are lots of techniques, many quite simple, to take control.

You can learn to drop those worries at your feet, step over them and keep continuing with your life.

One strategy is the POSSIBILITIES game. You play like this.

Worry doesn’t prepare you.

So don’t beat yourself up worrying.

Step back, be aware and relax.

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