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Parenting – as joyous as it is, it’s a continuous learning curve and, at times, a tough ground to navigate.

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Whether you are preparing for arrival, a new parent cradling their first bundle of joy, a seasoned parent well into their journey, or part of a blended family navigating new dynamics.  I can help you focus on what matters.

Circle of Security

Delivered in small groups as a 3-week “abbreviated” program or a full 8-week group of 1.5hrs per session. Circle of Security teaches parents the importance of a secure attachment to assist them to build a solid foundation for strong parent-child relationship. Learn how to recognise cues, manage emotions, ‘read’ your child’s needs and be a ‘good enough’ parent. Three-week ‘abbreviated’ program STARTS 22 April 22

Bringing Baby Home - New Parenting Course

Focused on coupes pre and post-baby, Bringing Baby Home is aimed at preparing couples for the adjustment of life with your child. In a small group over 3 consecutive weeks of 3.5hr session workshop, parents learn to strengthen their relationship including the quality of friendship and nurture baby’s development. You will learn valuable skills, tools and information needed to grow a healthy, supportive family and maintain your connection.  Next group will run late May 2022 and online at reduced rate if lockdown.

Triple P - Positive Parenting Program

Aimed at parents and carers of children aged 2yrs-12yrs old, Triple P teaches a range of simple, positive strategies to manage misbehaviour.  Parents learn and choose which ones work best for their family.  Join other parents to gain ways to strengthen your connection with your child and raise happy, healthy families. This program delivered as a group or an ‘condensed’, blended version of one-on-one short sessions online. Cost and time effective plus allows both parents to do the course together.

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Co-Parenting - Women After Separation

Are you recently separated, divorced or didn’t quite unpack the transition to ending your relationship? This two-week group course allows you to gain help in guiding your child through the changes and aims to build resilience for both of you to move forward. You will reflect on the split, learn life skills, start to process your new life and rediscover strengths to thrive with your child.  Course includes an individual 60-min counselling session to use within a 3-month period so you can feel supported and replenished. Next course March (FULL) or late April 2022.

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