Partner Employment Assistance Program (PEAP)

Are you a partner of an Australian Defence Force employee?

Due to effects of the COVID-19 health crisis on the employment market, the eligibility conditions for PEAP have been temporarily expanded. 

There is currently no requirement for a partner to have relocated with a member on posting or to have joined the member in the posting location in the last two years. 

Receive up to $1,500 in services.  Let me provide assistance in applying.

Present your best self when seeking your next employment opportunity. Improve your chances of recruitment.


  • Transferable Skills Identification
  • Career Planning
  • Job Search Strategy
  • Interview Skills & Coaching
  • Resume Coaching
  • Critical analysis of your individual, social, cultural influences on career choices and decision making.
  • Identification of your past and current work skills
  • Investigation of your experience and discovery of your strengths 
  • Proven career counselling techniques, assessment tools and activities to determine transferable skills to build into employment offering
  • Opportunity to discover, learn and improve on interview preparation and presentation skills
  • Bring more self-awareness and assertiveness to your interviews
  • Tailored invoice to meet PEAP criteria for DCO to accompany application form
  • A plan to implement your new career path that provides clarity of the roles that best suit you and confidence in applying for positions.

Sessions are offered face-to-face or online from anywhere in Australia


  • 3.1.b Identification of transferable skills
  • 3.1.c Employment Options and Job Placement Advice
  • 3.1.d Tailored services related to employment and job placement
  • 3.1.g Application and selection criteria preparation coaching
  • 3.1.h Preparation and presentation for interview


  • Professional and practicing counsellor and career counselling qualified
  • Business consultancy background
  • Defence Force Wife, mother, small business owner, employee & community volunteer
  • Understanding of the PEAP process having been a previous user of the Program
  • Coaching and positive psychology (strengths based focused) experience
  • Face-to-face or Zoom sessions

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Initial Consultation  |  Fees

A large part of the coaching relationship is trust. To see if we are a good fit and to gauge how you wish to work together let’s talk over the phone.  This will allow us to tailor the PEAP invoice to your needs. There is no charge for the phone catch up.

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