See how easily you can gain rest

Sleep when your baby sleeps...yer right!

Well that can be easier said than done.  What about that washing load you need to hang out or the quick vacuum or just being able to get into the shower?

And we all know about how we need 8 hours sleep as adults and how it can vary between us. Well as a mum is that 8 hours straight?  We’d all sign up for that!  Eight hours sounds likes bliss to some!

Sleep smarter by choosing 'The Nap'

Working in with your baby’s sleep cycle could you achieve the following?

15-30 minute power nap

The Sleep Health Foundation Australia states a power nap will improve your alertness and concentration.  It’s the gap nap – the one you need to just get you through a little more till you can have a good sleep.

Then there’s the. . .

Or go for the '90 Minute Repair'

Even elite athletes (sometimes also known as mums) have naps to improve muscle growth and repair. 

Studies show to be just like an athlete and recharge yourself you need to take on a blissful 90-minute sleep. This longer slow-wave sleep is more recuperative.

And if I don't prioritise sleep?

“Sleep  is SO important because a lack of sleep can make you sad – like really sad.”

Your mood is linked to your sleep patterns so make it a priority.

So set your timer on your phone, lay back when bub is asleep and take some time out.

Sleep tight- you need it

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