Blending a variety of therapeutic techniques, I will teach you skills and strategies plus provide helpful feedback.  I aim to assist you in confronting today’s challenges or explore your long-lasting patterns that keep you feeling stuck. We work together to overcome life’s roadblocks.

Anxiety and stress




Financial difficulties


Prenatal and postnatal health



Life’s transitions

Divorce and separation

Grief and loss

Stop the struggle. Get back to the upside.



It’s important to know that counselling isn’t a quick fix, nor a magic wand over your issues.  Therapy is an avenue to share you inner troubling thoughts, difficult feelings and secrets without any judgement. I believe you should take an active role in determining how many sessions are need. 

My fees can be claimed directly with Bupa (Provider number J000576) and Police Health Insurance (Provider number AC16190T) 

Initial Counselling Session | 15min free

A large part of therapy is trust and the therapeutic alliance.  To see if we are a good fit and to gauge how you wish to work together let’s talk over the phone.  There is no charge.

Subsequent Counselling Session | 60min $95

During our time together we will work through your struggles and expectations.  Unpacking and gaining a deeper understanding of yourself will help bring you back to baseline.

3 Session Pack Counselling Session | $265

Depending on your goals and level of distress a frequent number of sessions is three x 60 minutes. You are always in control, including the timeframe between each appointment and if you need more sessions.

Prenatal Mental Health Plan | 60min $95

During pregnancy there’s much focus on creating a birthing plan.  Just as important are the days and months AFTER birth. We will discuss your anxieties but most importantly your supports and post-birth strategies. You will walk away with focus, confidence and a mental health plan resource for YOU to use as your go-to should you need help.

2 Session Post-birth Pack Counselling  | $180

The birth of a child is also the birth of a mother. Your journey into motherhood will be one of emotional and physical change. Throughout these 2 x 60 minute sessions we will unpack your birthing experience, discuss your role and expectations and set you up for your new family life. 

Group Counselling Program | 4weeks $80

Joining other women each week, we will discuss different topics such as expectations, child development, strengths, relationships, managing time, your new identity and more. This is a time to learn, have fun and be with other like-minded mums who want to be great role family models. 

I accept all major credit cards and bank details as forms of payment. When you book your first appointment you will receive a registration form to complete with The Upside of Me payment details. My fees can be claimed directly with Bupa (Provider number J000576) and Police Health Insurance (Provider number AC16190T) 

Are you being the best version of you?

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