This is what mums in control do

I’m sure we would all like to be Instagram-looking mums with children (and ourselves) looking groomed and glamorous.


Though, realistically we’ve mastered the art of a quick throw back pony tail and semi-ironed, tidy clothes.

We often aim for clean and neat looking kids rather than matching colours and shoes and just getting to places on time.



So how do these ‘all-together-mums’ nail it?  (the non-Instagram ones)

They focus on what’s important. . . . now.

Can’t be that simple right?  Actually it can but it’s a learned skill.

Take the W.I.N approach.  What’s Important Now.

This strategy focuses on being present and not getting caught up with what you can’t do or your emotions or sometimes even what you are panicking about.

Take the American teacher who decided to row solo across the North Atlantic Ocean in 2018.  Now he is one person who is used to dealing with the demands of kids but he tackled much more stress during his adventure.  This teacher experienced challenges of multiple capsizing to navigation issues then the kicker. . . a broken desalinator that supplied his drinking water.

So how did he push through over 38 days of hardships?

W. I. N

He, like we can, approached each self-defeating problem and thought with the ‘what’s important now’ game plan.

This teacher broke down his W.I.N. into 5 minute increments.  Focusing on the next 5 minutes.

So next time you find yourself flustered, overwhelmed or peeved at things that are not going to plan.

STOP.   Think.   W.I.N and try again.

Teach yourself the W.I.N skill of being present and really pushing aside the clutter. Does it matter that Child 1 has matching socks today or if your eyeliner is really necessary right at this moment?

Then post a picture of yourself on Instagram (messy hair and all)!


Give yourself a sneaky reminder.

Download this iphone screensaver to remind you of your W.I.N strategy.







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