Transform your parenting

The birth is just one day.

Wouldn’t you want a heads start, feel empowered and prepared for your life with baby?


Bringing Baby Home is a proven and researched-based program.


Run over 3 x consecutive Saturday afternoons at Kingston.


Suited for couples in their second trimester or 6mths post birth.

Bringing Baby Home New Parenting Course Canberra

what will you learn?

  • What to expect during the transition to parenting
  • How to build the skills needed to create a happy and connected family
  • How to strengthen your relationship and increase intimacy and affection
  • Strategies to work through challenges with greater ease and be a team
  • To create positive child interactions and a caring and nurturing home
  • To model positive behaviours and values in your family

what is included?

  • A 3 week, comprehensive parenting course in Canberra
  • Each couple receives a take home workbook and resources to use within the program and the future
  • Refreshments and healthy snacks
  • Qualified guest speaker/s to share knowledge and tips on topics such as nutrition, baby sleep, wellness, safe exercise, breast feeding and more
  • Giveaways, information and discounts
  • Opportunity to meet other new or to-be parents to form a support base
  • A small group of parents ready to look beyond the birth plans

what is special about it?

  • Evidence based by the Gottman Institute
  • Based on over 40 years of research
  • Couples relationships resulted in deeper connections and friendship
  • Couples experienced a significantly lower rate of postpartum mood disorders and depression
  • Couples decreased their relationship hostility and increased relationship satisfaction
  • Attending resulted in a  decreased likelihood of divorce

Who, where and how much?

  • WHO: Lisa, an accredited counsellor, parenting and Bringing Baby Home educator that will bring you a mix of learnings, interactive activities, reflections and FUN

  • WHERE: Kingston and facilitated face-to-face to ensure we build quality connections 

  • COST: $385.00 per couple, total cost for 3 x consecutive Saturday afternoons for 3.5hrs 

  • WHEN: Next group starts Saturday 28 May 2022

“the greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories”

What parents say

We both feel the course has given us plenty of tools to work with to help us navigate challenges when bub arrives. Lisa is a fantastic facilitator and I'd highly recommend the course for new or expectant parents.

September Group 2021 (online)

This course has enabled us to reflect and consider how our behaviour will impact our child and plan how to initiate family rituals and new traditions.

September Group 2021 (online)

We both really enjoyed the program and feel that it provided us with helpful insights into our relationship. It also helped prepare us for the transition to parenthood, and gave us some excellent relationship and parenting tools that will be useful well into the future.

September Group 2021 (online)

Lisa was an excellent facilitator and made us both feel comfortable throughout the program. We both learnt a lot, had fun, and feel more confident about welcoming our first baby.

September Group 2021 (online)

We really liked the mix of learning how to interact and connect with our baby but more importantly each other. We both feel better equiped to communicate and deal with any down times.

March Group 2021

It was fun to do the activities together and we were reminded about what matters between us. This gave us clarity on how we want to parent our daughter plus work as a team.

March Group 2021

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