Get back from not being okay

There are times, probably many, when you are just not fine. You may be experiencing physical symptoms…fatigued, sleep deprived or short tempered.

Then hit with the mental symptoms…the “I’m not good enough” story or the “I just haven’t got this together” and a good one of.. “I’m the only one who feels this way” story.

However, life is busy especially when you are caring for another human or many humans!

It’s normal to sometimes not be fine.

But how do we get back on track? Here’s 5 steps.  Read further for the details and grab a free worksheet.

  1. Self care
  2. Acceptance
  3. Share the load
  4. Flex those strengths
  5. Work with what you can control

I’ll be straight up and say it is tough to sometimes. Work through these tips but as you do, in order, you’ll find yourself standing back on the top of that mountain again.


Self care

Get back to basics. One thing per day and it can be as simple as putting on lipstick, choosing your favourite colour to wear or just sitting down for 15min and forgetting the world.

If you really want to push the limit of self-care, practice gratitude. According to research being grateful can increase your mood, strengthen the immune system, help relationships and create better sleep. Who doesn’t want better sleep eh?


When you cross the road you watch each passing car as you’re waiting . However, you don’t focus on each car with intensity (remembering the colour, the type etc) do you?  Let those negative, self-depreciating thoughts pass by like cars. Yes acknowledge the thoughts with … “hey I’m-good-enough-thought, I hear you and thanks but I’ll let you pass by”.  Let go.

Share the load

Reach out. Partner, spouse, family, friends and even kids. Majority of people love to be wanted and to be able to help, even in a small way. Just having someone to hold the baby while you do something of your own or something mundane to keep you back in the real world helps.

Flex those strengths

When have you had down times before? How did you pull yourself out of that slump? Music? Sleep? Help? Exercise? In everyone lies great resiliene and personal strengths. Find yours. Try these simple steps here.

Work with what you can control

A study showed that taking on meaningless rituals can help your feeling of self-control and boost that feel of self-discipline….or “you’ve so got this”.   Rituals can be as simple as setting the table nicely for dinner or making your bed each morning.

Having awareness of the above can help us get out of that hole of not being fine.

Check out the free worksheet below if you find it better to jot things down.

And lastly, it’s when you are not fine, most of the day, nearly everyday for approximately two weeks that you really need to reach out to your doctor and get some help.

Download this worksheet to keep track & gain more self-awareness of those thoughts & behaviours:  Worksheet – Awareness

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