Where to learn about parenting

You get one chance to be a parent to your child.

You can have many careers, businesses, friends, homes, cars, handbags, even many chances to find that special partner.  However, you get that one fleeting chance to be a parent to your children.

And we want to get it right, right?

After birth you receive that lovely little book at the hospital for your baby.  Wow how simple I initially thought. So that’s the baby how-to book right?  Sweet, nice and condensed.  Ahh no.  That’s the immunisation book!

So why do we need to consult the books?

About us mums

In a 2017 study of new mums 3/4 of them had never even held a newborn and less than a fifth had cared for a baby (ie change a nappy). I can certainly put my hand up being one of those mums. The first three months of the big transition to motherhood is the most challenging and where mums hit the bookshops, libraries, playgroups and internet. Many mums feel this is the time to 'get it right'. In the study of over 160 mothers around the age of 30years found that the popular books were about infant sleep and feeding. The mothers who read all the books were found to have lower confidence in themselves to parent. So what have we learnt?

Be a wisdom warrior - share your experiences

New parents who aim to learn healthy and positive child rearing techniques and information actually spread it around.  Not only are they reading books, they are checking out the internet, baby forums, other media but most importantly speaking to their peers.  Seeking wisdom from their own parents, family and friend’s experiences. 

Plus sharing their experiences with others.

Mothers are encouraged to create their OWN style of parenting that suits THEM

Although we are bombarded with information from the doctor’s surgery to the hospital and well meaning parents, we all need to tread our own path.


Despite society's expectations that we should be a walking encyclopedia about our babies (while sleep deprived) it is a bit unrealistic.

All parenting books, media, internet, even here, should be used as advice and parents should breathe in confidence of being able to parent HOW they want and WHAT works for them. Stop exhaling stress on being perfect.

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