Who else wants more mum confidence?

Under the section OCCUPATION on forms are you now writing 'CEO of Children/Baby'?

I’m guessing this role didn’t come with a job description, list of KPI’s or a procedures manual? However knowing how each employee (i.e. large child/small baby) ticks takes a lot of work.

Then you have the team times (i.e. child’s sports groups/playgroups) with other sometimes more experienced CEO’s vying for position.  So what is your leadership (i.e. parenting) style?

How do you stay you in this new role and have confidence in your abilities?

Let’s think about your pre-children life. You have probably come from a workplace (or maybe still at one) and there you will most likely be a leader or be led by someone. According to a study on leadership, good leaders have these qualities.

            1. skills
            2. courage
            3. motivation
            4. physical stamina
            5. confidence

Lets apply this to our role – 'CEO of Children'?

Apply your current abilities to your new situation
Applying Stamina and Courage

Well, as a new parent you have aced the physical stamina part! However, like being at work and coming forward with new ideas or feedback, it takes a dose of courage. So applying your ‘courage’ skill again but this time in your parenting abilities, allows you to be…just you!

Applying Social Skills

As you know in the workplace there’s lots of personalities and opinions so having good social skills is pretty handy. Again, you bring these social skills to your new mum’s group and balance out the personalities and opinions but hold fast on just being yourself so people can do likewise.

Applying Confidence

One of the most important skills is confidence. Remember when you were a new person on the job and you just winged that first week? Shoulders back, head high, smile and you’ve created confidence (well you certainly look the part). Throw together a sandwich of courage, motivation and sprinkle some confidence and you create a masterpiece – you.

So next time you are at a mum’s group or child’s school group, feeling a little like the newbie given the CEO role, think back to a time where you were courageous, confident and positive.

Draw on that experience to get you through the chit chat of parenting.

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