Why we edit our lives

Why do we find ourselves editing our lives? Look at this familiar scenario. . . other human: “Hi, how are you?”, me

tired, busy but on autopilot: “well thanks”.

But are we really “well”? 

Sure we don’t want to share a long dialogue with the supermarket staff  but we tend to gloss over our lives. We hit backspace and edit about how we feel, where the tension is or what’s bugging us to please others and not make a fuss.

Realistically you will find that we, as humans and as parents, are all going through the same things.   Let’s stop the edit by . . . . .


Give others the opportunity to practice kindness TO US just as we would to others.  Life is full of ebbs and flows. This doesn’t result in #awfullife end game.


Catch yourself in edit mode.  Be mindful that it’s OK to go through these ups and downs.  Allow others in.


Allow some self-compassion. This means we treat ourselves with kindness just like we would treat our children (and those closest).

Leading researcher Kirsten Neff highlights self-compassion is NOT self-indulgence.

With self-compassion, you don’t have to feel better than others to feel good about yourself.

It’s ok to feel your feelings.

Broken crayons still colour the same.

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